1. youreokayyourebeautiful answered: wretchedoftheearth and candidlycara :)))
  2. lace-curtain answered: blackgirldangerous :)
  3. xxxx-x answered:
  4. jobpm answered: theworldtoday… but I really like that introvertedactivist one.
  5. bucranium answered: introvertedactivist.tum… is a great general activism blog.
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  7. leakingoven answered: I thought it was kinda strange when the art blog I follow for its art dove head-first into a completely different genre. :(
  8. artandcetera answered: FJP. It’s more of a news blog, but they’ve made posts regarding the topics you’ve mentioned in your tags.
  9. iamthecrime answered:,,,
  10. jimbe1 answered: culture
  11. woluf answered: I really suggest newwavefeminism
  12. fringemurder answered: ad-sidera-caeli is a very good blog for following middle eastern injustices and racial activism.
  13. adamthegirl answered: feministorwomanist.
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